AMIGS' brand mission

Producing durable stainless steel tumbler - it's that simple

Panoramic shot of AMIGS factory

automatic production line
powder coating workshop
amigs factory video

Factory panorama

A real factory with ISO 9001 quality certification management system, with a total area of 6000+ square meters. There are more than 40 employees and 6 complete production lines. Completely independent production and development from raw materials to finished products.

amigs factory video 2

Second Stamping Workshop

In the large stamping workshop of our factory, the raw materials are cut into the stamping workshop for processing to form product blanks. The factory has a number of stamping machines with outstanding processing capacity.

Why was AMIGS established?

Because everyone deserves a mug that accompanies you on your travels and adventures. It does not dent, deform, or break. Keep drinks cold or coffee warm.

Various kinds of cups

We are a stainless steel tumbler product manufacturer located in Zhejiang, China. Our main business is the wholesale of cup products and the wholesale of cup related accessories, including tumbler magnetic lids, tumbler replacement lids,metal straws, tumbler handles, etc. We will continue to develop and develop more cup products and accessories to meet people’s desire to have a cup that suits them.

All our tumbler cups are made of food-grade raw materials and comply with relevant international standards, please contact us for more details.

We also provide personalized customization services, OEM/ODM services. Since we are a wholesaler of tumbler cup products, you don’t have to worry about the price at all. We adhere to small profits but quick turnover, and ensure excellent quality.

Advanced production equipment, multiple production lines, to ensure delivery timeliness.

Our AMIGS brand is committed to creating durable stainless steel tumbler, purchasing relevant advanced production equipment regardless of cost, and establishing multiple production lines. Shorten the time for customers to wait for delivery, with spraying workshop, laser workshop, stamping workshop, polishing workshop, etc. Due to our own production, we can provide a very complete customization service. Our products are affordable, but not discounted low-quality products. Instead, we use state-of-the-art equipment to produce high-quality cups and drinkware. The price advantage comes from improving production efficiency and automation equipment. Therefore, customers prefer to cooperate with us to achieve business. This is the mission of our AMIGS brand.

Factory production workshop real shot

amigs factory video 5

Water Swelling Craft Workshop

In the water-swelling process workshop, the most important link in the forming of stainless steel tumbler, we use fully automated equipment, with high precision and high forming rate.

amigs factory video 3

Die casting process workshop

In the die-casting process workshop, through the die-casting machine, the stainless steel tumbler, inner tank and base are die-casted together to complete the appearance of the product.

amigs factory video 4

Raw material cutting workshop

In the cutting workshop, the raw materials are first formed and processed, and then tubes of different product sizes are produced by a tube rolling machine.

amigs factory video 6

Spraying quality inspection workshop

In the spraying and quality inspection workshop, the surface processing of stainless steel tumbler is carried out, and then the product quality inspection is carried out.

Our development history

Certification System

In addition to manufacturing durable stainless steel tumbler, we also strive to obtain relevant quality certifications and customers are 100% satisfied.


AMIGS pursues a much higher quality standard than a certification system.

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