Everyone has their own way of sipping, so with different caps and caps, as well as a range of straws, there’s sure to be a tumbler accessory you’ll love.


tumbler straw cup4

replacement lid

It is made of food-grade material PCTG, which can be opened with one push and closed with one push. With straw hole. With leak-proof function.

cup lid(new)

Magnet Lid

Using food grade material PCTG, the magnet rotates on and off. With a straw hole, leak-proof. Independent design patent. Detachable, easy to clean.

water bottle accessories

chug cap

Food grade PCTG material, handle design, rotary opening and closing. It is leak-proof, dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Independent design patent.


metal straw

Made of food grade 304 stainless steel, reusable stainless steel straws are available in straight and curved styles.

accessories straw spoon

metal straw spoon

Made of food grade 304 stainless steel, it is both a straw and a spoon. The spoon is removable and easy to clean.

tumbler straw cup3

tumbler Handle

Food grade material, suitable for tumbler cup series. The grip is non-slip. Multiple colors can be customized.


All of our accessories are made of food grade materials and are BPA free(learn more), so you can use them with confidence.

Our accessories have undergone strict production processes, and our integrated production system makes the accessories match the product very well.

Our lids, straws, cup handles and other accessories come in a full range of sizes to fit every one of our drinking utensils.

For products with matching accessories from the factory, we also provide services to replace other suitable accessories.

You don’t have to buy our stainless steel drinkware to buy accessories, our accessories can be purchased separately.

Our range of accessories are all dishwasher safe without extra work.

Our straw lids cannot be used for hot drinks, preventing burns. But please rest assured that the lid material will not be damaged by hot drinks.

Some cup lid series accessories do not have leak-proof function, you can consult us for details.

Our metal straw series accessories are made of food grade 304 material, which is safe, reusable, BPA free, and heavy metal free.

accessories cup handle
accessories color straws

conduct business

Quick response service, feel free to contact us


custom accessories
custom accessory color

tumbler handle

Most of our accessories are available in a variety of color options. Or you can consult us for customization.

multiple sizes

metal straw

Most of our accessories are available in a variety of sizes to fit different products and can also be customized.

Common FAQs

No, some accessories need to be purchased separately, most of our products come with some accessories, like lids, straws, etc.

Yes, we provide accessories customization service, customization includes color and LOGO, etc.

Yes, all our accessories line products are BPA free.(learn more)

No, the metal straws are made of food grade 304 stainless steel and will not rust under normal use.

The lid series accessories can be used for cold drinks, however, some straw lids cannot be used for hot drinks.

No, the portable cup handle is suitable for some cup products, please consult us for details.

Yes, we can provide OEM/ODM service for accessories products.

Most of our cups are shipped with a lid accessory, of course, you can choose other suitable accessories, or you can consult us for details.

Yes, our metal straw accessories come with a cleaning brush.

For more FAQ answers, please visit here.

accessories push cup lid

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