Tumbler replacement lid

In order to make stainless steel drinkware have multiple functions, we provide a series of accessories for tumbler lids with various designs.

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Swap out different lids for the coffee tumbler and try different drinking styles.

Tumbler Replacement Lid OVERVIEW

NOTE: Replacement caps are not leak-proof.

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Tumbler Replacement Lid FAQs

Yes. The tumbler replacement lid is easy to clean. Dishwasher safe, no dishwasher? Manual cleaning is also possible. Learn more about how to clean.

The replacement lid is suitable for 10OZ-30OZ tumbler cups without a threaded cup mouth. Of course, it can also be customized, contact us for customized consultation.

Yes. Our replacement lid are designed with straw holes to allow the use of straws. Works great with our metal straws.

Yes. The replacement lid has a certain heat preservation function, but the heat preservation time is slightly shorter. If you need a cover that keeps warm, you can order our chug cap.

Yes. We provide custom service, you can customize your LOGO lid color.For custom services, you can get the best offer here.

The tumbler replacement lid can be used for cold and hot drinks. However, its cold and thermal insulation performance is average.

Replacement lid can be ordered separately. Of course, some of our tumbler drinkware come with matching replacement covers, so there is no need to order them separately. Specifically, which tumbler drinkware are equipped with replacement covers, you can contact us for details.

The size of the replacement lid of the same model will be slightly different, of course, only slightly different. For specific model comparison, please contact us for consultation.

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