yerba mate bombilla

In order to make stainless steel drinkware have multiple functions, we provide a series of accessories for tumbler lids with various designs.

yerba mate bombilla OVERVIEW

Note: Metal straw spoons cannot be used for hot drinks.

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yerba mate bombilla FAQs

Yes. The yerba mate bombilla is easy to clean. Dishwasher safe, no dishwasher? Manual cleaning is also possible. Learn more about how to clean.

Yerba mate bombilla are generally used with yerba mate cup. Of course, it can also be used for our other product series.

Yes. Tumbler magnetic lids can be used with yerba mate bombilla, including replacement lids. But we generally recommend metal straws instead of yerba mate bombilla.

Our yerba mate cups are shipped with the yerba mate bombilla, and of course, there is also an optional matching metal straw spoon, and the yerba mate bombilla can also be ordered separately.

Yes. We offer customization. You can customize the color of the yerba mate bombilla, including a custom logo. Contact us for customization services.

Yerba mate bombilla can be used in cold beverages, however, they should not be used in hot beverages to avoid burns.

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