AMIGS Official Website Officially Launched

On June 10, 2022, Beijing time, the official website of our AMIGS brand was officially launched.

On June 10, 2022, Beijing time, the official website of our AMIGS brand was officially launched.

AMIGS mainly deals in stainless steel tumbler, tumbler accessories, custom tumbler and other businesses.

AMIGS is a manufacturer integrating industry and trade. We have our own factory in Yongkang District, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, China. It is the capital of stainless steel hardware in China.

Mature stainless steel raw material supporting, perfect logistics and transportation system. Makes us grow up fast. Our AMIGS brand has developed so far and has our own complete stainless steel tumbler production line.

Production Workshop

AMIGS brand development history

  • In 2016, the AMIGS brand was established, a small company of 10 people. Annual sales of 1.5 million.
  • In 2018, it served 50+ customers, the number of employees reached 30+, and the annual sales reached 6 million.
  • In 2020, in the past two years, it has grown rapidly, served 100+ customers, established multiple production lines, and annual sales reached 15 million.
  • In 2022, the product production line will be improved, the number of employees will reach 40+, and 150+ customers will be served. The market covers Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other regions, with annual sales of 35 million.

After years of development, we have accumulated a very loyal customer base. Customers also have a very high degree of recognition of our AMIGS, which are the driving force for our continuous development. Creating durable stainless steel tumblers, improving customer service experience, and strictly controlling product quality are our service tenet.

Has a full series of stainless steel tumbler products

The stainless steel tumbler you want, we have it here.

At present, we mainly have 5 categories of stainless steel tumbler products, which basically cover most of the tumbler cups on the market.

Each category of tumbler cups are available in different sizes and colors. We also offer Customized service. Customized colors, customized LOGO, customized different capacities are available. For details, please contact us for consultation. And we AMIGS also provide OEM/ODM service.

In addition to stainless steel tumbler products, we also support tumbler accessories. For example, metal straws, straw spoons, tumbler magnetic lids, replacement lids, tumbler handles, etc.

Tumbler accessories can also be customized. We not only have the above accessories, but also other tumbler accessories. If you need it, you can contact us to get product related manuals.

Stainless steel tumbler full-scale customization service

AMIGS provides tumbler cup customization service. Provide basic services such as custom colors, custom LOGO, etc. on existing products. There are many ways of surface treatment of tumbler cups. You can customize the surface treatment process of the tumbler cup. For example, there are spray plastic, spray paint, thermal sublimation, water transfer printing, etc.(learn more)

In addition, we also provide personalized customization services. If you have a tumbler cup designed by yourself, you can also contact us for customized service. Or you can entrust us to design and produce on your behalf. We have a professional technical team, from drawing design to production samples to product mass production completely independent.

If your order quantity meets the requirements, we can waive the related mold opening fee and design fee.

Although our AMIGS brand is relatively young, we have very strict quality control on our products. No matter the size of our clients, we always put service first. So we get OEM services from many big brands. (The brand party cannot be disclosed due to commercial confidentiality reasons)

For product quality, we strive for perfection. However, this also requires relevant certification to gain your trust. Therefore, we AMIGS have been working hard to obtain relevant agency certification. Or manufacturers who strive to cooperate with us also obtain relevant certifications. Through unremitting efforts, we and our cooperative manufacturers have successively obtained the following certifications: ISO9001, SGS, BPA-free, BSCI, FDA, etc. So if you are still worried about the quality of our products, then please rest assured, if you need us to provide relevant certification, you can contact us to get it.

Note: The above certifications are held by AMIGS or partner manufacturers.

AMIGS is a manufacturer of industry and trade

Besides our own factory, we also have our own trading department. Has a complete trade system and a complete international logistics service system. When it comes to logistics and shipping, you can trust us. At the same time, we provide customs clearance services. We provide LCL service in China. If you have some goods in other parts of China and need to use tumbler cups for LCL shipping, please contact us for assistance. We are more than willing to provide this service.

Because we have our own trading department, our customers’ orders are very guaranteed and basically delivered on time. Customers agree with this, and we will continue to explore other markets and open up more trade routes in the future.

Because we have our own trade system and long-term cooperative relationship with many freight forwarding companies, our logistics freight is more competitive and can provide relatively low logistics and transportation costs, thereby reducing your transportation costs.
At the same time, we also have our own professional logistics technical team, which can guide how to assemble the containers, making the goods more compact, saving space and saving costs. The long-term accumulation of logistics and transportation experience makes us more professional, and we believe that it can help you develop your business more quickly.

Cooperation with other factories producing stainless steel tumblers

In order to better update the product quality, our AMIGS cooperates with other stainless steel tumbler factories for a long time to jointly develop and design stainless steel tumbler products that are more in line with customers’ favor. Because we believe in the principle of win-win cooperation, so far, our stainless steel tumblers basically cover all the series on the market, not only the products displayed on our website.

Because of this, our stainless steel tumbler products are more competitive in price. We cooperate with other manufacturers for mutual benefit. To achieve price uniformity and transparency, our quotations are more acceptable to customers, because customers already know the prices of many similar products in the market, so they know how realistic our quotations are.

Insist on using high-quality raw materials

AMIGS is almost demanding for raw material applications of product quality. We insist on using high quality food grade 304 stainless steel as the inner liner of the tumbler cup. Even some products use the more advanced 316 stainless steel. Everything is for your health and safety. Because the cup is in contact with the human mouth, we insist on using high-quality raw materials.
Plastic parts also use food-grade silicone, PCTG, PP, TRITAN, ABS and other plastic raw materials. Therefore, the cup products of us or our cooperative manufacturers can obtain relevant certification.

Here, we very much welcome foreign customers or institutions to visit the factory.


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