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AMIGS is a bulk tumbler wholesale manufacturer, small MOQ, fast delivery, fast proofing.
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AMIGS is a bulk tumbler wholesale manufacturer, small MOQ, fast delivery, fast proofing.

Many brands or tumbler manufacturers do not provide wholesale bulk tumbler business. Because it is not only tedious work, but also less profitable. Therefore, it is difficult for many customers to find manufacturers who really operate bulk tumbler wholesale.

Among the customers we have contacted, many have the need to order bulk tumblers. So we AMIGS have been doing bulk tumbler wholesale business. Even if the customer only orders a small number of tumblers in each model, we insist on serving the customer. No matter the size of the order, we serve our customers wholeheartedly.

AMIGS insists on being a wholesale expert of stainless steel tumbler.

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Small MOQ

Under normal circumstances, our MOQ is 1000 pieces, which is a very small MOQ for a wholesale business manufacturer. Of course, this is not set in stone, if you do want to order our tumbler products, but can’t meet our MOQ requirements, please don’t worry, contact us directly to communicate, even if the order quantity is less than 1000, we will also Accept your order, we are happy to communicate with customers to solve any problems.

We have many new customers who are cooperating for the first time, and the MOQ is relatively small, but we have solved the problem for customers after communication. Accept customer orders. For old customers, there is no need to worry, no matter the size of the order, we will serve customers. Because we know that customers trust us to place orders, even a smaller order quantity will not affect our long-term cooperation with customers. So wholesale bulk tumblers, we are experts.

Bulk tumbler products can be matched at will and support customization.

Customers prefer bulk tumbler products. The biggest reason is that they can be matched with other tumbler accessories. Main customers can match them with suitable accessories if they want, such as metal straws, tumbler cup lids, etc. Unlike some brands, the fixed accessories are already matched and cannot be replaced by customers. Our tumbler wholesale manufacturers are different. Main customers need to do their best to match relevant accessories for customers, or replace other suitable products.

As a bulk tumbler wholesaler, we support custom product services. On the existing stainless steel tumbler products, you can customize the product color and appearance, customize the LOGO, customize the surface treatment process and other services.

If you want to redesign and customize your own products, we also provide technical support, we have a professional design team and have our own mold equipment. When the main order quantity reaches our relevant quantity, we can provide a series of services such as free design, free mold opening, and free proofing. Of course, if the order quantity does not meet our relevant requirements, the customer only needs to pay the corresponding mold opening fee, and we can immediately design the product you need. It will be more perfect if you have your own design drawings, which will speed up our production proofing efficiency.

That’s it, that’s our advantage. Everything you need to know about ordering, customization and technical support for bulk tumblers.

Support OEM/ODM service

Some big brand institutions need to customize a large number of gifts, gifts, etc., such as tumbler cups, which are very suitable for some big brands as gifts to customers. As a manufacturer of stainless steel products, we also frequently receive inquiries from branding agencies. Therefore, AMIGS specializes in providing related brand OEM services. As for why these brands choose us, in fact, the most important point is that our products are of excellent quality, our services are in place, and we can give them what they want. Because these brands often need to customize some very personalized things, and these customized OEM services are the advantages of our manufacturers.

Since AMIGS provides OEM/ODM services, it has cooperated with some brands. Among them are some well-known big brands.

We mainly help the above brand organizations to produce some gift products as OEM. They give away tumbler cups to their own customer groups, but these brands do not have their own factories and can only find manufacturers like us for OEM services. Of course, their requirements for product quality are also very strict, and it is not easy to become their partners. However, we are honored that the tumbler products produced by our AMIGS meet the requirements of the brand side. So, as a customer, you can rest assured and trust us.

Bulk tumblers need tumbler accessories to match

As a qualified bulk tumbler wholesaler, you must produce related tumbler accessories. We, AMIGS, are gradually improving the product line of tumbler accessories. The existing tumbler accessories are also very complete. Examples include tumbler handles, metal straws, straw spoons, magnetic lids, replacement lids, and more.

Of course, we also provide customized services for tumbler accessories. On the existing accessories products, customized color, customized LOGO, customized size and other services. If you need to customize your own redesigned tumbler accessories, you can also contact us. Just like custom tumbler cup products, we can provide technical support from mold design to proofing production. Our professional designers are also gradually improving the accessories product line, striving to provide more tumbler accessories for customers to choose from.

The accessories products displayed on our website are only some accessories, and some have not yet been uploaded to the website. So if you need to know about other accessories products, you can always contact us to get the product manual to browse.

Many customers are mainly customized products, because we cannot ensure that the existing tumbler products will be favored by customers, so it is necessary to provide customized services. Existing products are for reference only. Of course, it’s even better if you like what we have on hand, delivery is super fast, and there’s plenty of stock, so you don’t have to wait too long.

This is how it is to operate a bulk tumbler business. The existing products are combined with personalized customized services to meet customer needs and provide the best service experience regardless of the size of the order. Therefore, our AMIGS bulk tumbler wholesale business has been developing well. In order to better take the business route of wholesale bulk tumbler business, we have also made great efforts, just because we want to be an expert in bulk tumbler wholesale.


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