For your health, we at AMIGS strive to do better. successively passed the relevant certification standards. Produces durable stainless steel drinkware utensils that are safe and environmentally friendly.

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Are all AMIGS stainless steel drinkware BPA free?

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Yes, all AMIGS barware and accessories are BPA free. All products are made of food-grade materials, and the plastic materials of accessories are also BPA-free. All for your health, we also passed the BPA-free certification system.

BPA is a chemical material that is widely used in plastic products. Exposure to BPA is a concern because of its possible health effects on the brain and prostate of the fetus, infant and young child. BPA may also affect children’s behavior. Other studies have shown a possible link between BPA and increased blood pressure.

All our series of products do not use BPA. Including BEER CAN HOLDER SERIES, TUMBLER CUP SERIES, YERBA MATE CUP SERIES, STAINLESS STEEL MUG SERIES, STAINLESS STEEL WATER BOTTLE SERIES, TUMBLER ACCESSORIES SERIES, etc. do not contain BPA. You can use our AMIGS stainless steel drinkware utensils however you want.

AMIGOS obtained ISO9001 certification

AMIGS product quality management system is very perfect. The integration of various management systems has reached international standards. We are committed to building a Chinese enterprise with excellent customer experience.

Standardized production lines, strict product quality inspection system, and fast-response online services. Focus on OEM/ODM services, and cooperative customers all give high praise. Based on this, we have passed the ISO 9001 product quality system certification, and have made further progress and development to create an excellent product system.

We very much welcome customers or third-party organizations to visit the factory, and look forward to pointing out the problems we need to improve in the process of cooperating with you, so that we can make progress faster. For more details on our overview, please visit the About page.


certification iso9001

Use FDA-approved production materials

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For the plastic materials in our accessories series, we use FDA-approved food-grade safe materials. All of this is for your safety and health. So maybe some of our accessories will not be so cheap, but they are very safe and reliable.

Our plastic parts are mainly made of PCTG (Tritan TX1001, SK YH300…), medical grade PA (PA12, 7267H, TR90…), food grade PP (Basel PP), milk bottle high permeability PBSU, etc. All are internationally recognized food-grade safe materials. So you can use our stainless steel drinkware utensils and related accessories with confidence.

If your custom product requires this certification, please contact us and use FDA-approved materials. The price of the materials mentioned above may be slightly higher, but the price is very good. If you want to customize the plastic accessories of these materials, please click here to contact us to get the best quotation and the most timely service.

Passed the BSCI certification system

Our AMIGS factory management system is perfect. In addition to product quality meeting various standards, we also implement reasonable standard procedures in employee management and factory setting. So we passed the SGS certification system.

Standardized management processes and reasonable staff implementation regulations make our production very orderly. What follows is that the quality of our products is highly praised by customers. The loyalty of our employees is very high and recognize the AMIGS brand value, you can read our brand story in our blog and you will know why we are SGS certified.

Again, we welcome customers or third-party organizations to visit the factory. Because of this, we can show our advantages, so you can rest assured and believe in our corporate strength.

certification bsci

Passed the SGS certification system

certificate sgs

AMIGS’ stainless steel drinkware utensils have also obtained the SGS certification and testing system, and the product quality has reached the relevant EU standards. If your business involves the EU market, then you can work with us with confidence. Because our products meet the standards.

Stainless steel drinkware utensils are tableware, so SGS certification is a must. Because of this, we made our efforts so far and finally passed the certification. So our products are safe and healthy, and you don’t have to worry about affecting your health during use.

In addition to being safe and healthy, our stainless steel drinkware utensils are also strong and durable, which depends on our advanced production process. We do our best to make your trip happy. Why don’t you come and browse our products?

Note: All of the above certifications are not necessarily held by the AMIGS brand. Some are certifications held by manufacturers we work with. If you need us to provide relevant proof, we will provide the proof you need after you confirm your order.

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