Custom stainless steel tumbler

You can customize your stainless steel tumbler here. Contact us to customize your logo, color and size. We will also provide complete customized solutions for your reference.

Customize your own exclusive LOGO

All stainless steel tumbler can be customized, you can contact us to provide your own designed LOGO, and customize your own tumbler cup.

custom logo amigs 3
custom logo amigs
custom logo amigs 2

Customize your tumbler cup with a logo design that suits you. It can be an avatar, logo, name or lettering and our unique laser marking custom technology creates a stunning design that will stand the test of time and won’t be eroded by sweat.

We can customize any LOGO, all you need to do is to provide us with a design solution, you can customize your LOGO anywhere on the cup body, not limited to the LOGO position shown above.

The craft of custom LOGO

laser marking

laser engraving

The pattern is engraved on the surface of the cup body by a laser engraving machine.
screen printing

screen printing

First make the screen plate with the LOGO printed on it, and then pass the screen machine, add ink, and print the pattern on the surface of the cup body.
3d printing

3D printing

The pattern to be printed is first designed on the computer, and then the pattern is printed on the surface of the cup body through a 3D printer.
water stickers

water stickers

Using water as a carrier, the pattern and the backing paper are separated and then transferred to the product, which is an indirect printing method. Environmental friendly.

Contact us to customize now

You can contact us to get the LOGO we provide. Our custom LOGO is designed by ourselves and is very popular with customers.

Customize your own color

Customize any color, it can be a single color, simple and atmospheric. It can be a variety of gradient colors, wild and magical. Can be a variety of patterns, textures, unique. You only need to provide the relevant color scheme, and we can design the color you want right away.

The monochrome series is very popular with customers, we offer a full range of color customization, not limited to the colors listed above. Of course, we also offer pattern or texture customization.

Gradients, custom patterns and textures

For those who are looking for personalization, we provide unique color customization solutions.

Surface treatment process

polishing process


Through the polishing machine, the surface of the cup is smooth and has a frosted feeling, showing the primary color of the metal.
spray paint

spray paint

Through the paint spraying machine, paint is sprayed on the surface of the cup to make the cup as bright as new, and at the same time to protect the cup body.
plastic spray

spray plastic

The powder coating is sprayed on the surface of the cup through a plastic spraying machine, which has a thick feel and a strong frosted feeling, which can effectively prevent cuts.


A surface treatment method in which a metal surface is deposited by electrolysis in a salt solution containing a pre-plated metal to form a plated layer.
paint transfer

paint transfer

First make the paper with the pattern printed, wet it with water, wrap it on the cup body sprayed with paint, and after drying and heating through the drying tunnel, the pattern is transferred from the paper to the cup body.
water transfer printing

water transfer print

First, make a specially treated film, and then print the desired color pattern, then send it to the surface of the water, and transfer the color pattern to the surface of the product by the action of water pressure.

stainless steel tumbler customization process

FAQs about Custom stainless steel tumbler

Most of our tumbler cup can be customized. Only a few products are difficult to customize due to their appearance design. For details, please contact us.

We use laser marking technology to create a permanent finish on the exterior of your tumbler cup. If you need other special treatment, please contact us to discuss.

Our MOQ is 1000 pieces, of course, the actual situation can be communicated with us.

Of course, we provide existing samples for free. For custom design, we need to charge a sample fee, if the order is completed, we will refund the sample fee.

Can provide JPEG, PNG, PSD, PDF, AI and other common format files.

We can customize all the colors, you can provide the corresponding Pantone color code.

Customized samples take about 3-8 days to produce.

Spray off, powder coating, water transfer, gas transfer, thermal transfer, electroplating, etc.

Custom tumbler Lid

We also provide custom Cup lid series accessories. Of course, you can choose our existing lids to match your tumbler cup. If you want to customize a different lid, contact us to design your own custom lid immediately.

We have a number of cup cover design patents and are completely independent research and development. I believe that the existing cup lid products can fully meet your needs. Of course, you can also customize your own lid.

custom cup lid

Custom Accessories

In order to provide more complete supporting services, we provide customization of tumbler cup accessories, including metal straws, tumbler handle and other accessories that can be customized.

stainless steel straw

Accessories customization (2)
Accessories customization (6)
Accessories customization (1)

Customize now

tumbler Handle

Accessories customization (3)
Accessories customization (4)
Accessories customization (5)

metal Straws series

tumbler Handles series

Production process time estimation

The production process time estimate is convenient for you to calculate the time required for your business, and we will complete the delivery within the agreed time.

time estimate2

1.Small batch trial production samples(2-4 Day)

Trial-produce samples according to customer's customized requirements, first design 3D drawings by computer, then communicate with customers whether they are satisfied with the design drawings, and finally produce samples in small batches and test samples.

time estimate

2.Enter the production process, mass production(15-25 Day)

The whole production process is divided into several key steps: forming, welding, vacuuming, polishing, painting, testing, laser marking, etc. The time required for each process is different, here is our estimate based on the average time of past orders. The specific time required is related to your actual order.

time estimate3

3. Packed goods and logistics transportation(1-3 Day)

The goods are packaged according to the customer's requirements, which also involves the sampling process of the products to ensure that the delivered products meet the requirements, and then put on the relevant customs clearance labels, and finally contact the logistics to deliver the goods to the location designated by the customer.

Precautions for the use of stainless steel tumbler

Stainless steel tumbler performance introduction and allowable matters

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