swell water bottle

The swell water bottle is very strong and durable, especially suitable for backcountry camping. BPA-free, drop-proof, puncture-proof, rust-proof, with cold and hot preservation properties.

17 oz swell water bottle

Swell Water Bottle OVERVIEW

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Swell Water Bottle FAQs

Yes. The swell water bottle is easy to clean. Dishwasher safe, no dishwasher? Manual cleaning is also possible. Learn more about how to clean.

Yes. swell water bottle are compatible with most cup holders. Very portable. Here is a kind reminder, do not drink and drive.

Yes. The swell water bottle will come with a dedicated cap, which is unique and the cap cannot be replaced, please note.

The swell water bottle will not rust under normal use because the material is 304 stainless steel. If there is really rust, you can wipe it with a polishing cloth.

Yes. We offer custom service, you can customize your swell water bottle color. LOGO can also be customized. For customized service, you can get the best quotation here.

Of course.Swell water bottle can be used for hot and cold beverages. But be careful not to use the swell water bottle for carbonated beverages for extended periods of time.

Yes. Shown here is the 17 OZ capacity specification, we also have expansion swell water bottles in 10 OZ, 25 OZ and 34 OZ capacity specifications. They are the same shape, but the capacity is different. If necessary, please contact us for consultation.

Our surface treatment processes generally include spraying, painting, electroplating, sublimation, water transfer, paint transfer, etc. For customization, please contact us for details.


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